Big & Little Crow Mountains

I had previously hiked Nun-da-ga-o Ridge and Weston Mountains in a counterclockwise direction a few years ago. During that trip, I had hoped to hike the Crows as well, but I was running late with time. So a trip back was in order, and I had a beautiful day to hike as well. On my previous trip, I had brought my dog Dingo, so he accompanied me today too.

We arrived at the trailhead at the end of O'Toole Rd at Crow Clearing at 08:50 and were soon on the trail.

Overall this is a short hike out and back. I logged about .8 miles from the parking area to the summit of Big Crow. Some areas of the trail are steep but short-lived sections. The summit of Big Crow is at 2,815 feet. There were many views along the way to the summit. The summit has beautiful views of Adirondack's high peaks, Pitchoff mountains, and many others. The trail continues, dropping down to Little Crow and, ultimately Hurricane Road. I opted to return from Little Crow by returning to the Crow Clearing via Big Crow.

On the trip back, I enjoyed the summit of Big Crow to myself for almost an hour.

Start time 08:56

Finished time 11:54

Total distance 2.3 miles round trip

2.58.37 elapsed time

0.8 average speed