Rattlesnack Mountain

This trailhead is elusive as it is not marked with a sign, nor is there a register to sign in at. Living so close to this trail, I had taken the time earlier in the year to scout precisely where the trailhead was. I prefer to know where I am going on the day of a hike than have to take the time to look around for it (wasting time) that morning.

I did find some information on the hike online at lakechamplainregion.com. This was helpful and was a good starting point for locating the parking area, as it is directly across the street from 4525 Route 22, which is just north of Willsboro and south of Highlands Rd.

This is a pretty neat hike following an old jeep trail up to a certain point. From the point it veers off the jeep trail, the trail itself from this point is craggy as you climb up along to the primarily open ridge. I found the trail easy enough to follow as it is not a marked trail. The hike is all gradual, with a brief section that gets moderately steep for a short period.

I brought all three dogs today, and they had no issues.

We started at 7:28 am from the parking lot, taking our time to let the dogs run and play; we averaged around 1.5 mph. We arrived at the summit at 8:23 am for a brief visit as the black flies were out in force. After a quick visit and photo opportunity, we returned to the truck at 9:16.

Our total trip was an hour and 48 minutes.